Why is the Pixel 2XL better than OnePlus 6/6T in 2019 ?

Until the OnePlus 7 comes out..

Yeah, before all the OnePlus fans out there get crazy and attack in the comment section, just hear me out.

According to MKBHD’s, the five pillars of a great smartphone are:

  1. Build Quality
  2. Camera
  3. Great Software/Performance
  4. Display
  5. Good battery

Let’s take them on one by one,

Build Quality

Both the smartphones (Pixel & OnePlus) have amazing build. Where the OnePlus takes on a clean approach, Pixel goes out to build a very plane but bold design. The white/black finish with coloured power buttons is just awesome. However, OnePlus has a power slider which is like extremely helpful, don’t know why other manufacturers have not copied it yet.

Verdict: Tie


Pixel 2 might not be the best camera in the world right now, but it is for sure the second best, next to the Pixel 3. Despite of all the improvements that OnePlus has done recently it still cannot come nowhere near to the Pixel. Let’s leave the discussion to this. If you say OnePlus is better here, you know you are lying.

Verdict: Pixel 2


It’s Oxygen OS vs Pure stock Android & Snapdragon 845 vs 835. 845 in the OnePlus for sure is great but the 835 is Pixel 2 is not a slouch. It’s still the flagship processor from last year and it’s’ not gonna disappoint you.

But what according to me counts more is the software updates. According to Google you will receive guaranteed day 1 updates till October 2020 ie Android 11. We can’t really say that for OnePlus. I agree that OnePlus is good with updates but that is usually for the new series of devices. What I mean by that is once a new phone launches in 6 months the old one will start seeing delays in the updates department..

Adding to all of that you get free unlimited high quality storage for your photos/

Coming to community support, well there is healthy community support for both Pixel & OnePlus.

Verdict: Pixel 2


Well, Pixel 2 had a lot of issues with the initial lot, which is by then solved for good. There have been many reports that the issues are fixed. However, the colour reproduction is still bad, so we can give this one to OnePlus here.

Verdict: OnePlus

Good Battery

Both the phones have a pretty good sized battery & both support fast charging.

OnePlus will last you more juice by the end of the day, but anyhow you will be charging the phones at night so that’s not an issue.

Verdict: Tie

You can see the trend here, OnePlus has the better specs, but that doesn’t mean that the Pixel’s specs are bad, it’s just a slight advantage with OnePlus here. However, the advantages that Pixel has over the OnePlus are pretty significant.

Some miscellaneous things to point:

OnePlus has been going nuts recently. OnePlus 6t was an unnecessary & very disappointing release:

  1. No notification LED light? Why OnePlus?
  2. No headphone jack (Pixel too disappoints here)
  3. A completely shitty fingerprint sensor. We do have face unlock but there are people who want to use a more secure method & face unlock sucks in that department.

Final Winner: Pixel 2 XL

This is completely my opinion and yours might differ completely. Please feel free to add your points in the comments & we can have a healthy discussion there.

The Pomodoro Technique


Procrastination is defined as the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Such a simple definition for something that screws you up completely.

It’s been so many times that we think about doing something amazing and just think and think and think… 🤔, well that’s procrastination for us. We never know how many goals we would have achieved if we just implemented our ideas rather than thinking about them and delaying endlessly.

That’s where the topic of this blog comes in place Pomodoro. It is the technique which I find most effective in mitigating procrastination.

The Pomodoro Technique:

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

This is a well-known technique to actually help one focus on a single task. Let’s summarize it in short.

  1. Decide on a task you want to do. Not a list of tasks but just one specific task.
  2. Set a timer for 25 mins and focus on that one task only.
  3. Any distractions that come in the way, just write them down for later.
  4. After the 25 mins slot, take a break for 5 mins and repeat the whole process 3 more times.
  5. Once finished, you can take a longer break or finish up the distractions that came in between or decide to go back to step 1.


Goodbye procrastination: Most people have trouble starting out a task, however, once they are at it they can complete it. This technique helps you get started by assuring you that it’s just 25 minutes of undistracted time that you have to work for, and then it’s up to you to decide further. And once you have got things going up, you are more likely to continue.

High-quality work: As stated in the technique, for the time slot of 25 mins you are not supposed to do anything and just focus on a single thing. This is bound to increase your productivity. Just silent your phones, set up some music (or not, personal preference) and just get work done.


Just one here, set up everything you need before the timer. If you want to cook, have your ingredients ready or if you want to work on some project, get your requirements ready. Or if you have trouble doing that, just use the first slot of the Pomodoro technique to set the requirements ready for your task.

The basic idea here is that you don’t waste time setting up things and ultimately delaying them forever.

That’s all folks!

I am an iOS guy and I can recommend an interesting app which can help you convert this technique into a fun game. Forest is an app where you can build your own forest (like cities in SimCity) for the time you stay focused on a task. At the beginning of a session a tree is planted and if you kill the timer or leave the app before the session completes, the tree dies. It’s a fun & addictive way to get started on this technique.

Just go ahead and try out different timings and mix up different techniques with this one to help you get more of out it. Do mention them in the comments section below.

An interesting fact, this article was written using 1 single time slot of Pomodoro.